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Building Surveys / Due Diligence

Pre-acquisition building surveys

Whether acquiring a freehold or leasehold interest or considering a sale and leaseback, one of the most important parts of the process is that of the building survey. Upon acquisition you take ownership and responsibility for all repairs. Neglect of this fact can be costly. Hayden Clark Consulting Ltd provides a comprehensive quick and responsive service with a report produced tailored to suit your specific needs.

Before you buy, it is essential to determine what condition the building is in, what are the remedial solutions for any defects and what are the associated costs. This information may be required for re-negotiation with the vendor to reduce the sale price, with the landlord to negotiate and implement agreed repairs, for an in-going tenant on taking an assignment of an existing lease, or you may simply wish to know that the building is sound.

Condition building surveys

This survey usually takes the form of a schedule of condition to record the state of the property on a given day under a proposal to enter into a leasehold agreement or as part of a party wall award. Hayden Clark Consulting Ltd acts on behalf of both the landlord and tenant and can assist with the lease negotiations and the correct wording of repairing obligations under the terms of the lease.

Defects survey

  • Can you remove a wall?
  • How stable is the roof?
  • Why is there damp in the middle of the wall or floor?
  • Is that black mould above the skirting board toxic?
  • Why is the floor lifting?

A building defect survey can be required for a variety of reasons and we can undertake inspections to suit your specific requirements. We can also organise further specialist technical inspections and testing, for example, ground penetrating radar testing.

Who needs a chartered building surveyor?

Many people think of chartered surveyors as men with clipboards who inspect a building before a sale. In reality, this is just a small part of the work of an average chartered surveyor. At Hayden Clark Consulting Ltd, we advise clients on property law, conduct building insurance valuations, manage building projects for large global companies, monitor building projects on behalf of banks and other lenders and protect beautiful old buildings.

In addition to building surveys, we also offer project management services. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for offering extensive property consultancy services for all sectors. If you have any queries, contact us for more information.

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