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Professional Services

Licence to alter

We often assist solicitors and property managers in preparing licences to alter to record and approve proposed works by in-going and occupying tenants.

Building insurance valuations / Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Inaccurate reinstatement values can cost a company significant money in increased premiums. Our team can measure and prepare formal reinstatement valuations for clients to present to their insurance company to ensure their property is realistically valued.

We recommend that properties be inspected every 3 to 4 years to record changes and desktop reviews undertaken annually.

Expert witness

Hayden Clark are experienced in the inspection and preparation of expert witness reports in accordance with the revised Part 35 of the Civil Procedures Rules and the Civil Justice Council’s Protocol.

Party wall and neighbourly matters

Disputes are frequent when one neighbour proposes works which affects another, whether they are a commercial or a residential client.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides a formal mechanism for settling the disputes and clearly setting out the rights and duties of both the parties. We can offer our expert advice for either parties.

Planned preventative maintenance schedules (PPMs)

These schedules provide an effective method of recording the condition of the property and a tool for planning repairs over a pre-determined period to provide cost control for building owners.

At Hayden Clark Consulting Ltd, we can prepare reports in a format to suit the client for a single building, a complex of buildings, an estate or a portfolio.

Development monitoring

We monitor construction projects for private and commercial clients, banks and other lending institutions. We undertake projects of any value, whether it is an extension to an office or the construction of a superstore.

Our team will review the initial construction package, comment on the efficacy of professional warranties and performance bonds, identify any weakness in the various elements forming the project including review of the associated costs and quality and making recommendations.

We will subsequently monitor the works through to practical completion and sign off monthly valuations to ensure management of the client’s risk.

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